Omneuron, a life sciences company, is currently conducting a research clinical trial on a new treatment method for chronic pain. This clinical trial is sponsored and paid for by the U.S. National Institutes of Health. This method does not involve drugs, surgery, or medical devices. The method uses strategy training to teach a person to control their own brain's pain control system.
We are seeking individuals diagnosed with Chronic Pain Conditions to participate in this paid study on.    By participating you will contribute to the scientific advancement of new techniques to identify and target treatments for individuals with chronic pain conditions.
We are looking for chronic pain participants to complete a 3-5 week at-home treatment approach, provided online. Participation would involve spending about 30 minutes doing online mental training exercises several times per week for a number of weeks. Compensation (must be a US citizen or legal resident w/green card) is approximately $10/hour.
Informed Consent is online.

Benefits: We cannot promise any clinical benefit to you from undergoing this procedure. Some patients have experienced decreases in their pain, but this is an investigational procedure so you should not presume that you would experience an improvement, and your pain could worsen. We do believe that the experience of learning about these new techniques is interesting and enlightening. Additionally, you will be contributing to the research process of potentially developing a future treatment for chronic pain. For your time and dedication, you will be paid.

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